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Due to covid-19 and CDC recommendations our club & volleyball programs are "paused" until further notice.
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Thank you and stay healthy!!

Little Spikers

Grades 1 & 2, April 6-May 25

Fun, fast-paced intro to fundamentals.
8 Mondays 5-6p
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Oo La La Introductory

Grades 3 & 4, April 7-May 26

Confidence building intro to volleyball.
8 Tuesdays 5-6:16
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Oo La La Developmental

Grades 5 & 6, April 9-May 28

Confidence building intro to volleyball.
8 Thursdays 5-6:15.
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Next season-12's, 13s, 14's, 15's, 16's, 17's

Next season we grow again.  Thank YOU for all who have played already and who are spreading the word.  New intensity, new office support staff, same kid focused philosophy!

Tryouts are the first week in July, date posted soon.  You must register for tryouts in advance.

GO! Fast

Grades 6-9 April 17-June 5 (yes, these dates)

More Play!  40 min of skills, then play.
8 Fridays 6:30-8.  Yes, starts a wk later.
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Grades 5-8, April 17-June 5 (yes)

Call 1st to apply 719.205.4169
8 Fridays 5-6:30 starts 4/17, yes, that date.
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GO! League

Grades 6-10, April 8-May 27

OK, this is new.
8 Wednesdays 7-8:15 
1.  Do NOT sign up for this if the player can not do pass/set/hit.  This is not for beginners.
2.  You can play in GO Fast or PreClub and the league.
3.  Register as an individual
4.  The first night we create teams.  You can say "we 3 want to be together, find us 3 more".
5.  This is ALL play (with supervision, but no drills)
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Register for free coaching clinics!

New program coaches pls register for Level 1.  Returning program and club coaches pls register for Level 2  Click here to register.

Why More Families Choose GO! Volleyball

Come see for yourself.  If you'd like a free 1st practice just give me a call 719.205.4169

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Modern Volleyball

Skills, strategies, mentalities that help players make teams.

ball shattered
Player Focused

Not coach ego focused.  Youth Volleyball should be about the YOUTH!

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GREAT Facility!

4 wood courts, stadium seating, spacious, warm, convenient location.

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Volleyball Done Right

Decades of experience and input from top minds in volleyball.


Kids every week


From 44 schools


Have made school & club teams


All we need is you 🙂

Meet a few coaches

Our wide range of programs has a wide range of coaches.  If you can be positive with kids, meaning you like "catching them doing things RIGHT" then we can find a program for you.  All coaches go through a practical, on court certification class.  Call if you have interest!

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    Little Spikers Coach


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    Oo La La Coach


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    GO! Fast Coach


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    Club Coach


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Q & A

Just give my cell a call and we'll make sure you find the right fit.

  • Will your program help her make her school team?

    YES.  This is a deliberate intention in the skills, strategies, and mentalities we teach.  Our players are the ones who make their middle school and high school teams.

  • Do you have programs for beginners?

    YES.  Little Spikers and both Oo La La programs have beginners.  We have 4 courts and separate players so the new learners receive more instruction on foundational skills and so the more polished players are pushed to their next level.

  • Can boys play?

    YES.  We always have boys mixed in with all programs.  The girls like it, the boys like it... it works.

  • Why don't you play more league games?

    Because playing games badly doesn't make you much better.  If they can't serve or pass then VB doesn't really happen!  There is a balance that must be met between training and playing.  With young beginners they can't just "pick up the skills" as they play, volleyball has strange skills that must be taught and practiced.  Summary-  we've used our formula for years and our kids make teams and perform at high levels.

  • Why GO! rather than another option?

    Colorado is a good volleyball state and there are many sound options.  I have created, or helped run, the 3 largest youth volleyball programs in Colorado.  We like to think there are reasons for that.  If you want to come try a practice for free just give me a call 719.205.4169.