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We Believe

There are many places where you can learn volleyball; there are fewer where the emphasis is on your kid's self-confidence AS they train in volleyball.  We believe that volleyball is not important, but your kid's self-confidence is VERY important!

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Good Volleyball Can Be Affordable

You CAN Afford Us!

In business it's hard to offer top of the line services at good prices... but, we do it anyway:)

Youth Athletics Are For The Youth


At GO! Volleyball the players are the stars, they are the focus.  It's not about coach or parent ego, it's about the kids!

It's About Their Self-Esteem!

We Are A Self-Esteem Factory

...and volleyball is our tool.  It really doesn't matter how good she gets at volleyball.  It DOES matter how good she gets at being a strong, confident young woman.

Personal Growth & Volleyball Growth

Occur When...

players LISTEN, TRY TO DO IT, then PLAY HARD.  Just like martial arts, a good volleyball program can build self-discipline and self-confidence.  We always seek the balance between being fun & supportive and pushing them so they find out how capable they are in life.

Your Child Is More Important

Than The Flipchart!

We are not a "Barney" program; we do teach older/more serious players how to beat the crap out of opponents 🙂  BUT, it's the process that matters.  If a player trains hard and plays hard then they WILL grow more confident... and the score will be what the score will be.  We ask all GO! parents to remember that youth athletics is about kids accumulating self-confidence, not adults accumulating wins.

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Youth Sports Can Teach Great Life Lessons

...or it can over-emphasize "us v. them" or even hate of others.  At GO! Volleyball we are very intentional in teaching respect for teammates, other teams, and for the integrity of the game.  Youth sports is practice for being a good adult... we take that seriously.

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From Your Director

Our tagline is "Volleyball done right" and that sounds vague... taglines aren't supposed to be vague.  BUT, I know exactly what it means... it means that everything we do is kid-centered and grounded in building kids' self-confidence.  We don't always get it right, but I've made enough mistakes over the years to KNOW that a kid-centered, self-confidence based program is what to shoot for every day.  If you ever have a Q pls call my cell at 719.205.4169  ~Joe