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Double Check:
1. You signed your contract, took a pic of page one only and texted that pic to Joe at 719.205.4169
2.. You clicked above and paid at least $400.
* OK, you're in!

Tryouts went well!  We are considerably stronger and bigger.  And, we have a handful of spots left.
- 16's  One MH or OH spot left

- 15's  No DS needed, OH's and MB's call me for a tryout NOW
- 14's call me for a tryout, bring a group if you have
- 12's we will create another team, so there is room
- Finally, sometimes after tryouts there is a quorum of a team that doesn't have a home or isn't happy with what is offered to them.  I am open to a conversation about bringing you in as a core of a team we build around you.  But, know that our culture standards are HIGH; I will NOT import kids with attitudes or manipulative parents.

Call my cell 719.205.4169 ~Joe

GO! Volleyball is growing!  Our company believes in our mission and is allocating more resources and court time to our club program.  New coaches, new accountabilities... but the same player-focused priorities.  Come grow with us!

Parents, we have enabled an online payment feature.  Pls click here and enter the amount of your payment for club dues.  Thank you!

Dues (take a look!)
- National Teams $1900
- 13's, 14's, 15's Regional Teams $1700
- 11's, 12's, $1500
* Dues include all tourney entry fees, practices, gear package
* National teams play all in-region tourneys including Crossroads, PLUS one additional National Qualifier
* Regional teams play all 6 Power tourneys, the Greely 2-day tourney, AND CROSSROADS!

** Remember, written contracts go out July 19 at 10a.  Sign it, take a pic and text it to me 719.205.4169.  Then, come to this page and click "Pay Dues Here".  Make your initial payment of $400 (or pay in full).  Do this by NOON! Then, you're in!

Last Seasons Teams Below

12 Navy

Head Coach Mat Pace
GO! Volleyball new

10 feisty players ready to compete!

12 Red

Head Coach Erin Ende
GO! Volleyball new

Hard workers with a big time GO attitude!

12 White

Head Coach Ben Sattler
GO! Volleyball new

A strong team is developing here!

14 Navy

Head Coach Jen Fowler
GO! Volleyball new

Oh goodness, they're good!

14 Red

Head Coach Mary Neuenswander
GO! Volleyball new

Love this team, you will too!

14 White

Head Coach Dorissa Radersma
GO! Volleyball new

Quiet and surprising, this team rocks!

15 Navy

Head Coach Judy Cordova
GO! Volleyball new

Solid and very hard working, earning respect from many!

Our 15's win their last tourney!

14 Red takes 3rd with Kenzie's 14 straight service points!

We're proud of our 3 12's teams!

Friends 🙂

We GO!

Super Hero's are everywhere!

Super coaches too!