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Next payment is due by Nov 9, 8a, $500.  Balance is due Feb 7.

PreSeason practices start 1st week in November

12's & 13's practice Wed 5-7
15's & 16's practice Tue 6-8

Mandatory Club Orientation is Sat Nov 9, 8a-10a.  ALL parents and players must attend.

Starting in January teams practice 2x week
-12's & 13's Mon 6-8, Wed 5-7
-15's & 16's Tue & Thur 6-8

My cell 719.205.4169 ~Joe


GO! Speed & Strength
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All National team players are expected to attend min. of once per week Nov-Jan.  Twice is better.
Mon, Tue, & Thur 5:15-6:00


-Any GO! player in club or programs may attend if 10 years or older.
-All participants receive a free skip rope and exercise band.  You bring those every session along with a water bottle.
-There will be other athletes in the gym also.  Respect them and their space!

GO! Volleyball is growing!  Our company believes in our mission and is allocating more resources and court time to our club program.  New coaches, new accountabilities... but the same player-focused priorities.  Come grow with us!

Dues (take a look!)
- National Teams $1900
- 15's Regional Team $1700
- 12's & 13's $1500
* Dues include all tourney entry fees, practices, gear package
* National teams play all in-region tourneys including Crossroads, PLUS one additional National Qualifier
* Regional teams play all 6 Power tourneys, the Greely 3-day tourney, AND CROSSROADS!

Teams/Coaches 2019-20

12 Red

Head Coach Vannessa Clarke
GO! Volleyball new

The future is female!

12 Navy

Head Coach Ashley Harmess
GO! Volleyball new

10 feisty players ready to compete!

13 Red

Head Coach Mat Pace
GO! Volleyball new

Hard workers with a big time GO attitude!

13 Navy

Head Coach Terry Knoke
GO! Volleyball new

The team to watch.

15 Regional

Head Coach Katelyn Little
GO! Volleyball new

Strong & determined

15 National

Head Coach Layne Devine & Rey Reyes
GO! Volleyball new

Love this team, you will too!

16 National Venom

Head Coach Judy Cordova
GO! Volleyball new

Competing at a high level every day

16 National Fierce

Head Coach Joe Harmon
GO! Volleyball new

"Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has!" -Margaret Mead 

Our 15's win their last tourney!

14 Red takes 3rd with Kenzie's 14 straight service points!

We're proud of our 3 12's teams!

Friends 🙂

We GO!

Super Hero's are everywhere!

Super coaches too!