GO! Volleyball is growing!  Our company believes in our mission and is allocating more resources and court time to our club program.  New coaches, new accountabilities... but the same player-focused priorities.  Come grow with us!

Parents, we have enabled an online payment feature.  Pls click here and enter the amount of your payment for club dues.  Thank you!

TRYOUTS for the 2019-2020 Season are July 7th.  Times posted soon.

You must register for tryouts, click here.

See the summer camp and open gym schedule on the Programs/Register page.  All players from anywhere are welcome; it is "legal" for anyone to coach anyone in a camp, we just can't have recruiting conversations.  We respect and follow those rules.

Club Forecast for Next Season

  • Growth! We will likely grow from 7 teams to 10... possibly 12.
  • Yes growth, yes more intensity... BUT same kid-focused approach.
  • More new coaches!  If you are not affiliated with a club now and want to interview call Joe @ 719.205.4169
  • 16's, 15's and 14's will likely offer a National Team and a Regional Team (although 16's may have two National Teams).  The National teams travel more, pay more, are pushed harder, and do Speed & Strength Training.  16's National teams roster 9, other teams roster 10.
  • 13's, 12's and 11's will have a stronger foundational skills focus and play more events in Region.
  • Speed and Strength training will be offered!
  • Rey will continue to oversee most older team training and hold his small group lessons.
  • More video analysis!
  • Early, mid, and late season player evaluations, rubric-based like at school.
  • Upgraded gear package 🙂

Known Needs

  • 16's will have openings for dynamic middles, Polished OH's who can generate kills, and 2 strong right side blockers.  Possibly one setter, one DS.
  • 15's will have openings in all positions for the National Team.  Strong setters and middles... here is your chance!
  • 14's- plenty of openings, we'll add a team so bring friends (if they can play of course 🙂
  • 13's will have quality athletes from this season but will have several openings for players with experience.
  • 12's hope to field 2 teams, so we do have spots open,
  • 11's- good returners, maybe 2 spots open

Tryouts, Offers, and Contracts

  • It’s different next season! Please read for comprehension as they say in school 😊 and ask Q’s if you have them.
  • Now there are verbal contract offers and written contract offers. If you get a verbal it means, “We think we are a good fit for you; we have a position in mind, we want you in our club and promise to give you a roster spot.  So, please accept this offer and play with us.”  Then, when you get a written offer on July 19 at 10:00a, you sign it, make your initial $400 payment, and it’s official.
  • Here are the three phases, this is new.
  • On 5/6 clubs are allowed to offer VERBAL contracts to players in their own club ONLY. There are sooo many variables so these initial verbals will usually be a verbal to an age group team but not necessarily which team.  Remember, a verbal is not a maybe, it’s a contract offer.  If you don’t get a verbal it doesn’t necessarily mean “We don’t think you will make it”, it may just mean “We know there are a lot of other players coming to us and we’ve got to wait till tryouts to know for sure.”  That will be our case, don’t be panicked, it’s just the real world of club volleyball in a dynamic market
  • Tryouts July 7. You still come to tryouts even if you have a verbal; that lets new players trying out see what the team will be like.  The first day any club can have tryouts is July 7.  At tryouts clubs may still only offer verbals.  But, at this point a verbal is more like, “Oh ye!  We want YOU and definitely think you are a great fit!  You’ll get your written contract July 19.”
  • July 19. The first day the Region allows written contracts.  At 10a you will get the email with the contract, sign it, make your $400 payment online and it’s over.  Whew!
  • FYI- these new rules are in place to reduce pressure on kids and parents. GO! Volleyball will NOT pressure players and parents; we will make offers and answer Q’s honestly.  We want people to choose us because of our culture, our commitment to being kid-focused, and the quality VB we teach.
  • We will have Open Gyms and good Camps before tryouts and between July 7 and July 19. You can invite your friends to come check us out at that time.  But, tryouts are vital.  Be at our tryouts if you want to be considered.
  • Straight talk. If you skip one club’s tryouts to go to another club’s tryouts don’t be surprised if that is taken into account.  Clubs want families who want them.



  • Region rules do not allow coaches, parents, or players to have recruiting conversations with anyone affiliated with a club this year until Nationals are over. On July 7 anyone can talk to anyone about anything.  Until then you can tell people when our tryouts are and send them to our website, but do not make it a recruiting conversation.  We will respect these rules.

12 Navy

Head Coach Mat Pace
GO! Volleyball new

10 feisty players ready to compete!

12 Red

Head Coach Erin Ende
GO! Volleyball new

Hard workers with a big time GO attitude!

12 White

Head Coach Ben Sattler
GO! Volleyball new

A strong team is developing here!

14 Navy

Head Coach Jen Fowler
GO! Volleyball new

Oh goodness, they're good!

14 Red

Head Coach Mary Neuenswander
GO! Volleyball new

Love this team, you will too!

14 White

Head Coach Dorissa Radersma
GO! Volleyball new

Quiet and surprising, this team rocks!

15 Navy

Head Coach Judy Cordova
GO! Volleyball new

Solid and very hard working, earning respect from many!

Our 15's win their last tourney!

14 Red takes 3rd with Kenzie's 14 straight service points!

We're proud of our 3 12's teams!

Friends 🙂

We GO!

Super Hero's are everywhere!

Super coaches too!