We launch our Club with 7 teams this season.  They are training hard and ready for the tourney season!

12 Navy

Head Coach Mat Pace
GO! Volleyball new

10 feisty players ready to compete!

12 Red

Head Coach Erin Ende
GO! Volleyball new

Hard workers with a big time GO attitude!

12 White

Head Coach Ben Sattler
GO! Volleyball new

A strong team is developing here!

14 Navy

Head Coach Jen Fowler
GO! Volleyball new

Oh goodness, they're good!

14 Red

Head Coach Mary Neuenswander
GO! Volleyball new

Love this team, you will too!

14 White

Head Coach Dorissa Radersma
GO! Volleyball new

Quiet and surprising, this team rocks!

15 Navy

Head Coach Judy Cordova
GO! Volleyball new

Solid and very hard working, earning respect from many!


More pics coming...