GO! Volleyball runs great, affordable camps.  Please look at the selections below to make sure you are registering for the right skill level.  If you have Q's call Joe 719.205.4169

15's & 16's Club Level Camp & Open Gym

June 5, 6, and 7 ~ 6p-9p each night

ONLY for a club level of seriousness for 15's & 16's. 

  • 4 courts for specific positional training, with our top coaches
  • Video analysis in slo mo and freeze frame
  • Speed & Strength intro given Wed & Thur
  • Next level instruction for setters and MH's

13's & 14's Club Level Camp & Open Gym

June 5, 6, & 7 ~ 3:00-5:00 Wed & Thur, Noon- 2:00 on Friday

ONLY for a club level of seriousness.

  • 4 courts for specialized positional training
  • Top coaches
  • Video analysis

12 & under Club Level Camp & Open Gym

June 5, 6 ~ 11:00a-1:00p

ONLY for a club level of seriousness.  Not a rec camp.  If you are considering trying out for club anywhere, this is a good introduction also.

  • Designed to prepare players with skills and mentalities that help them look good at tryouts
  • All skills covered.  Special attn on serving, serve receive, and hitting.
  • Video analysis

Rey's Club Specialty Camp

Friday June 7, 3:00-5:00

ONLY for club level 14's, 15's & 16's.  Work with the top skills coach in the area on movement and exacting techniques for your position.

Joe's Setter/Middle Hitter Camp

Friday June 7, 10a-noon

ONLY for setters and middles who are club level at 14's 15's, 16's.'

Work with your Club Director for next level understanding of how to beat blockers. 

  • All quick sets
  • Understand the strategy of what to call in what situations
  • You'll be smarter than most coaches after this camp 😉

Oo La La Camp!

June 5 & 6 ~ 1p-3p

For 3rd-6th graders who play or will play Oo La La.

  • Serving & hitting focus
  • Passing too, but passing isn't seen as fun so I listed serving and hitting first ;0
  • Combination of learning skills then using them in game situations
  • A fun camp with introductions to higher level skills than in our regular programs.

Little Spikers Camp!

June 5 and 6, 9:30a-11a both days

For first and second graders.  A FUN camp, empowering and exciting!  Kids should LOVE sports.  This WILL give them modern foundations in good volleyball AS we build their self esteem.  Come try it the GO! way!

July Camps Posted soon!

The 2nd and 3rd weeks of July

We believe camps should be affordable.  We are lucky enough to own 4 good wooden courts, so we don't have to "score" by charging people as much as we can get away with.  Thank you for playing at GO!

8 Week Programs

*Programs resume in August*
See the Summer Camp Schedule below

Scan the list to make sure you are choosing the right fit then click to register.  If you are unsure just give me a call 719.205.4169

Little Spikers

Grades 1 & 2 ~Wednesdays 5-6, April 3-May 22

Fast, fun and positive!  A friendly welcome to the sport of volleyball.  Players get a solid intro to all basic skills. 

Oo La La Introductory

Grades 3 & 4 ~Wednesdays 6-7:30, April 3-May 22

A self-esteem building launch for volleyball careers.  An hour of skill building and 30 minutes to PLAY a modified game recommended by USA Volleyball.

Oo La La Developmental

Grades 5 & 6 ~ Fridays 5-6:30, April 5-May 24

Many middle school and club players got their start in this program.  Modern skills taught in ways that increases confidence.  An hour of skill building and 30 minutes to PLAY a modified game recommended by USA Volleyball.

GO Fast!

Grades 7-9 ~ Wednesdays 7:30-9, April 3-May 22

This age wants to PLAY!  So, we have 40 minutes of fun skill work then 50 minutes of games! Teaching you the skills/strategies/mentalities that help you make school teams.


Grades 5-8 ~ Fridays 6:60-8, April 5-May 24

ONLY for players who want to tryout for our club next season.  You MUST call first to be cleared in.  More intense training to help you decide if the club world is for you.  Call 719.205.4169 


12's - 16's for 2019 season

For this season our 7 teams are full.  Tryouts for next season are in early July.  719.205.4169 if you have Q's, info on our club page.

Adult League

Spring League, see your FB for exact dates please

This is that league with the top players in it.  It's full for this season.  If you are one of those 12 teams pls register below.  Thank you!

Coach & your child plays FREE!

This applies to our programs, not for club.  All coaches go through a 2 hour certification course, it's practical and on-court.  You don't have to be a VB wiz, you just have to be willing to ONLY coach with positivity and go with the flow in practice.  GO! is a rewarding program to be involved with, YOU get to raise kid's self-confidence AS we teach good volleyball.

Register for the certification then register your child as normal but choose "Free, I'm coaching".

  (updated for Spring Session)

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